Casting Call for “Fulfillment Center”

The extra casting directors at Manhattan Theatre Club are looking for actors for roles in their upcoming play Fulfillment Center. Auditions of the play will be held on August 31, 2016. The play is being directed by Daniel Aukin and Abe Koogler. Casting crew includes Kelly Gillespie, Nancy Piccione, and Nicole Van Denburg.

Rehearsals of the play will start on May next year, while the play will be performed in June. During the audition, actors will have to read from slides that will be provided during the audition. If you are interested to give audition for the roles, you should read details of the casting call below.



  • Male, non-white
  • Age in the late 20s.

About the character: Alex works as a manager at a place called fulfillment center. He is anxious, but kind hearted. He feels obligated to be successful, but it doesn’t come naturally. Feels stressed out managing people.


  • Female, non-white
  • Age in the early 30s.

About the character: Madeleine is a polished, pretty, and high strung girl. She has just relocated to New Mexico from Brooklyn to live with Alex. A smart and opinionated rather aggressive city girl, she drinks and talks a lot.


  • Male, white
  • Age in the 40s.

About the character: John is a blue-collar worker living alone in a truck. He is a good-looking guy with a nice personality but does not talk that much, which makes him somewhat enigmatic. His stillness seems to make him a little dangerous – a guy who has taken a wrong turn at some point in life and is ready to burst any moment. Though, he is starting to seed in the play, and develops friendship with Madeline.


  • Female, white
  • Age in the early 60s.

About the character: Suzan is a survivor who has seen many ups and downs in life. She is an old-hippie talkative and friendly but also anxious. During the play she is really down on her luck semi-homeless and self-employed.

Submission Details:

For further details about the roles you can visit Actor’s Equity New York Audition Center or click here.

You should make sure that you will be available to work on all the listed dates above before applying.

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