Casting Calls for Extras in Marvel’s “Spider-Man Homecoming”


There have been several casting calls for this upcoming movie, but casting directors are now looking for a wider variety of actors and models in Atlanta for specific roles.  Read the casting call below to check out the new roles now casting.  Marvel is a huge company and being an extra in one of their movies will benefit your acting career.

Description of Role

The casting crew for the film is now looking for official actors, models and talents for certain roles in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are interested and think you are suitable for the roles, you can apply now. The scene will be shooting or 6 working days in Atlanta. The producers are looking for both men and women. The filming will start in late July and will go into August.


Directors need men and women between the ages of 18 to 25 years old. They should look young enough to play high school students. If you have already worked on this film before, you have the chance to work on it again.

The roles required are for men and women who can act at a high school party scene at night.  Some people will also be chosen to be in a swimming pool at the party, so you must know how to swim. If you have already worked on certain scenes in this movie, you can apply again for these roles too. If you want to be a part of the swimming pool scene, submit your file and mention bathing suit/swimming factor in your email.


All actors will be paid $68 for 8 hours plus over time if the shooting goes over 8 hours. If you are selected to be in the swimming pool scene, your pay rate will increase with another $15 raise. If you are under 18 years old, please do not apply.

Send in your information and current photos of yourself at the following email address: and make sure you add ‘NIGHT PARTY’ in your subject line. Your photos should be current and visibly clear photos. They should consist of a photo of your shoulders up and from the knees up. If you are applying for the swimming pool scene, send a photo of you in a bathing suit that is appropriate for high school students.

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  1. When does shooting take place to be an extra for this movie?

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