Casting Calls for a Supernatural Thriller Movie

Looking for that one break that will give a break through into the world of movies and stars? Well then this is the right place and time for you because a new supernatural thriller is being made and you too can make an impression on the casting directors. If you have always loved the idea of horror and thriller movies and know that you will be able to act well in this genre, then you can apply as soon as possible and get the top role in this movie. Here is all that you need to know about the movie, characters and how to apply.

About the Movie

Cultivation is a psychological thriller that deals with a stranger series of events. The film has a distinctly weird plot that will leave you shocked. The lead role will find himself in events that are beyond real and where supernatural becomes the natural. He will find himself in a world that is more dreamlike than anything else. He will get to face a society that was artificially built just to satisfy him.

About the Role

Here is a list of roles that you can apply for:

Kendal Holloway

This is one of the major roles in the film and is for a male actor between the ages of 25-35. The guy needs to be strong physically and also have a beard preferably. The character is going through posttraumatic stress disorder and does not like to socialize. He is also not in any kind of relationship or friendly with his friends or family. His emotional connection is zero.

Avery Holloway

A female character, Avery is a computer engineer between the age of 25-35. This is another major character that needs to have porcelain sin tone and natural hair. Having a medium stature, Avery is also an All American swimmer.

Alexander Matthews

Another male character over the age of 50, Alexander is an African American who is going to be a marriage counselor in the movie. He is a gentleman whom everyone likes.

Do you think you are the perfect one for any of these roles? Can you amaze the audience as well as he directors? If yes then apply today. The roles are for locals of the Norfolk VA only. Keep in mind that these are not paid roles, but credits will be given. You can apply through email on Be sure to fill out the form given here.

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