Casting Secret Agents Actresses for a Feature Film

A film is scheduled to be filmed from September 17th-24th and requires multiple female candidates for different roles.

The Plot

The concept revolves around a mystery associated with a corrupt agency that is led by mysterious mystical entity. They abduct agents and experiment to create more polished versions of agents for taking over the world. One of the agents captured is immune to the escapes and brainwashing and tries out her luck to find a way out. She also struggles to get her fellow agents out and take down the agency for good.

The project is themed and associated with a fantasy world. You may be required to bring in your alternate wardrobe depending on the scenes you will be playing. The wardrobe theme this film will follow is very Underworld, Secret Agent, Kill Bill type and thus will include variations of cat suits and leather suits — in both one- and two-pieces)

Casting Call for Women Roles for Secret Agents

The roles require athletic actresses with ‘toned’ bodies. The filming may include fighting scenes and thus it is important to have a well-shaped body. The production house will prefer professional actresses who have the ability to easily memorize lines before arriving on the set. The actresses will receive their scripts at least two days prior to the shoot. The filming time will be from 7am to 7pm every day from 6th to 9th September.

The film does not offer any out times. In fact, the actresses may require working additional hours that will be adjusted with overtime payment. The production house will also inform the actors for any push time if required. For instance, an announcement for a push-time of 2 hours on the second day of shoot means the shoot will begin at 9am and end at 9pm.

How to Apply

If you are seriously interested to be a part of this film, submit your application with your body and head shots. If you have any tattoos, or have a certain body type, or different hair color — please mention.

Also include your measurements in the application including shoe size and the shape your tummy. This will help us determine the type of body suit that will suit you. Don’t forget that the film will include fight scenes and dialogues so you should be good with both. Only submit if you reside in the city and are available for these four days. We will not make any changes to the script once it is done. If you have training in martial arts, dance, stunts, please mention.

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