CBS’s “The Price Is Right” Looking For Participants

About the Show

CBS has brought back the TV show The Price is Right. The show started in 1972 in the US and has been a famous game show ever since. The game is about participants guessing correct prices of particular objects in front of them. Once they guess the correct prices, they win many different prizes in cash and gift items.

Casting Details and Roles

The casting directors for the game show are now looking for people who are willing to participate in this exciting and adventurous game show. The auditions will be held at Sycuan Casino near San Diego. If you or anyone you know is interested in audition for being a part of this game show, can register at 10AM and the auditions will then continue from 11AM till 2PM that same day. Participants appearing for the auditions should come well dressed like they would dress at the game show and should also fill out the application form.

A few of the requirements that the contestants will need:

  • All the participants who apply for this show need to be US residents
  • All the participants should be minimum 18 years of age by the 7th of August 2016
  • The initial winners will have to travel from Los Angeles from the nearest airport to Sand Diego
  • If you are travelling for the filming of the show, it should be between the time period of 1st November 2016 and 31st march 2017
  • $1600 per individual will be given as a compensation by CBS for the trips for each participant

Role: Every participant has to be prepared to answer questions on camera. They will be asked questions such as why you want to be a part of the show The Price is Right. People who want to apply for public office do not need to be participating in the show. If a person has already been on the show, they cannot be a contestant for at least 10 years.

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