More Extras Needed in ‘Empire’ Season 3

Fox’s Empire is coming back for a new season and you can a part of it. Empire is about a family that works in the music and entertainment industry. The family continues to fight over control of the company so that they can come out on the top. Created by Danny Strong and Lee Daniels, the show stars, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

About the Role

The casting call is for actors and models, in the Chicago and surrounding areas. The shoot is going to be held on September 28th. People that can apply need to be between the age of 18-65 and African American, both male and female.

Since the scene is for pedestrians, they will need to have cars. In order to apply you will need to send in the make, model and color of the car, along with your own name, height, weight, measurements, phone number, email address and zip code. Also send inyour recent photos, one full length and one face shot. Subject line should be PEDSW/CARS.



A man and woman, 55 years or above are required to act in a porch scene. The payment for this role is $150 per 12 working hours. The candidates are required to work on October 3.


The directors require Laundromat Customers. Anyone, from will be accepted for this role. The required age is 18+. The actors will work on October 3.

Hotel Staff

Female actors between 30s and 60s are needed to work as Hotel Staff. The actors should be expert in expressing reactions on a tragedy. Please apply only if you are available to work on September 22 and if you have not worked on this season before.

Hotel Manager

Male or female candidate between 30s and 60s is needed to work as hotel manager. The actor should be available to work on September 22. Please apply only if you have not worked in the season before.

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