“Jeepers Creepers 3” Casting Extras in Atlanta

The casting team for Jeepers Creepers 3 is now casting men ages 18 to 30 years old to work on all types of scenes filming in Atlanta on Friday, March 17th.  The scenes will take place mostly on an old abandoned farm.


Jeepers Creepers is a 2001 American horror film written and directed by Victor Salva.  The film gets its name from the 1938 song called, “Jeepers Creepers”, which is often featured in the movie during very eerie scenes.  The original movie is about siblings that become the targets of a demonic creature on an old farm.  Jeepers Creepers 2 was released as a follow-up to a very successful original film.

It took place three days after the events of the first film, and continued to terrifying legacy of The Creeper.  The Creeper is the original monster that terrorizes the teens in rural parts of America.  The original movie made $60 million in the box office with a budget of only $10 million.  Fans of the series will be happy to know that the legacy of “The Creeper” is alive and well with the third and final movie in the trilogy.


Where: Atlanta, Georgia

When: Friday, March 17th – TBD

Roles: All types of roles including three main characters

This is a great opportunity to act in a classic horror film with well known actors and established industry professionals.  Not only will you potentially earn money by acting, you will gain exposure in the competitive industry.  Gaining exposure and recognition is more important than money as an aspiring actor because those connections will earn you more success in the long run.  Once you get your foot in the door, it is up to you to make good impressions on casting teams, directors, and other actors so that more opportunities will be presenting your way.

4 Comments on "“Jeepers Creepers 3” Casting Extras in Atlanta"

  1. I hope i can get a main role someday. I have what it takes..and i know I’m versatile. Very i make it work anyway,anywhere.

  2. Brandon Murphy | March 14, 2017 at 3:24 am | Reply

    Very Excited for this potential career advancing opportunity. I always love the jeepers creepers movies, It would truly be a dream come true to be able to be a part of the new movie!

  3. You only have one chance at life so why not go for the best an make best of it. what a mind-blowing experience this be I always give it my all I pray I get this chance.

  4. Khalid savage | March 17, 2017 at 1:54 am | Reply

    Really feel as if I have the face for this kind of industry and the skills needed to grow.

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