Marvel’s “Black Panther” Looking for Extras

The Black Panther is a feature film set to be released sometime in 2017. Once the cast has been finalized, the filming will take place in January 2017. The filming plan and schedule will be disclosed to the shortlisted candidate only, after it has been finalized and approved.


The Black Panther is one of the most highly regarded Marvel titles and it is finally receiving its own feature film. The Black Panther’s kingdom is called Wakanda and is known for being rich in natural resources and famous for the production of wrought Vibranium, the iron allotrope used in Captain America’s shield.

Roles Offered

We are offering multiple lead and extra roles to be finalized as soon as possible. Following are the details and eligibility requisites for the roles offered.

  • The casting call is offered to the actors hailing from African-American ethnicity only.

  • US national of the African decent would be preferred for the roles.

  • We are seeking for males, females and children, all from the African-American ethnic background of varying ages for multiple roles.

  • Anyone with an actual talent and penchant for acting, hailing from an African-American background and aging above 2 years up to 90 years is encouraged to apply.

  • To be more specific on the ethnicity, actors particularly from the Nigerian, Ethiopian, Zimbabwean, Ghanaian and Kenyan origin will be preferred for the roles.


The actors will be paid a compensation of up to $100, depending upon your role.

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  1. I would love to be an extra for the film @shesthebarber

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