National Geographic Show Casting in Texas

Casting teams need toddlers and teen actors for the National Geographic channel’s new TV mini-series The Long Road Home.  The team needs all types of young actors to play different roles in the emotional drama series about the War in Iraq.


The Long Road Home centers around American forces occupying Iraq ambushed by insurgents in a Baghdad neighborhood.  The show aims to tell the incredible true story of the soldiers that were caught off guard by a large among of enemies.  The show will be told mostly through interviews and reenactments from the perspective of the soldiers.

National Geographic an American network channel that airs non-fiction television programs.  The channel features documentaries with factual content involving nature, science, culture, and history.  It launched in 1997 and has been very successful in the entertainment industry by adding a unique element to the competition.  They bring non-fiction content to an industry filled with reality shows and dramatized programs.


When: March 20th

Where: Fort Hood, Texas area.

This is a great opportunity for you or your children to act in a new show on a prime network.  Not only will you gain experience, you will gain exposure in the industry.  The teen actors present on this show will have the chance to meet with established industry professionals that will set them up with great connections that will benefit you and your child’s future.  Apply now to take advantage to act on a huge stage.

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