NBC’s “Midnight Texas” Needs New Actors in Texas!

A new promising NBC Network show is casting more actors to fill the roles of various extras and features.  NBC is mainly known for its comedies, but they are looking to shift more into drama-related shows.  Needless to say, Midnight Texas will be huge for the network if successful.  This new show has a ton of potential being inspired by the famous HBO show, True Blood.


The series is based on the Midnight Texas trilogy of books written by Charlaine Harris. The books are set in a creepy fantasy town called Midnight.  From vampires and witches to psychics and hit men, Midnight Texas is a mysterious show comparable to True Blood, Westworld, and Twin Peaks. As the town members fight off outside pressures from biker gangs, they must band together to fight these unusual forces of evil.


Locations: Texas

Date: March 12th 2017

Pay: $200 per day

This is a great opportunity to be apart of a new show on a huge network.  NBC is known worldwide for amazing shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. As a member of this team, you will gain valuable experience that you can take with you as you progress in your acting career.  Acting in this competitive industry is about knowing people, being good at what you do, and impressing the right people.  If you make a good impression on a producer of an NBC show you may be selected for an even bigger role in the future!

6 Comments on "NBC’s “Midnight Texas” Needs New Actors in Texas!"

  1. Looking forward to Midnight, Texas! Sounds great! So many great locations here for this type of show!!

  2. What a great opportunity for us in Texas. For once in a lifetime that you’re looking for someone with our good old Texas drawl

  3. If they have ever called for a Good Texas Accent then, I’m Their Gal !!!

  4. I want to be a part of this great show for sure!!!

  5. Looking Forward to Midnight, Texas That’a Mt Hometown❤️

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